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Dutching Calculator

Pronopro Dutching Calculator

Pronopro's Dutching Calculator

In big fields, no matter what the sport, more often than not you'll fancy two or more of the possibilities. Rather than pick one and kick yourself when the one you neglected obliges, it's sensible to "Dutch" and back them all - and you can get surprisingly good returns as long as the prices are big enough.

Pronopro's Dutching Calculator tells you how much to stake on each selection to ensure an equal profit no matter which one wins. Simply enter the price for each of your fancied selections (in decimal format) and your maximum total stake below.




 Selection 1  Selection 7
 Selection 2  Selection 8
 Selection 3  Selection 9
 Selection 4    Selection 10
 Selection 5    Selection 11
 Selection 6    Selection 12
 Total Staked   (Total you want staked )
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