What to do during the cup matches ?


It must be clear to everyone, without exception, during cup matches (national and/or international) we suggest to bet the “To quality” type of bettings.
This instruction will not be repeated each time.

What is To Qualify? This applies to cup matches (national and/or international).

It is a matter of betting on the team which is going to be qualified at the end of the match (extra time and penalties included)

Warning :  If your bookmaker doesn’t propose “to qualify”, forget it and don’t play this game; the cups are unpredictable, so bookmakers make  a lot of money because of this.

We also warn you that for first and second leg matches, this instruction of “To qualify” works only for the second leg match.
For the first leg match, you simply play the “Odds” match. Don’t play “To qualify” for the first leg match even if the bookmaker advise you to do so !


Important differences in odds can appear between our website and bookmakers’.
This doesn’t really matter as you choose if the odds your bookmaker suggests you is interesting in this kind of betting.


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