Bookmakers language …

The bookmakers language is not easy sometimes. In addition to this information, we advise you to look at FAQ of the different bookmakers. You can also contact the bookmaker by mail or by phone.

Match Odds : To foresee the result of a match after nineteen minutes + stoppage times. Warning: very often the exta times and or penalties are not taken into account.

Under/Over 2,5 goals :- to bet wether less than 2.5 goalsare going to be scored during the match (UNDER)
                                     - to bet whether more than 2,5 goals  are going to be scored during the match (OVER)

Correct Score : To forecast the exact final score.

Half Time / Full Time : To forecast the end of the first half time and the end of the match. For instance zero to one.

To Qualify : For national and/or international cup matches. To bet on the team that will qualify (extra time and penalties included). For this kind of match, we suggest to play this type of betting.

Betting Exchange : On these websites, like betfair, you don’t bet against a bookmaker but against other punters. You can be the bookmaker. You decide the odds and the maximum stake you offer to the other punters ; or you bet against an other punter choosing their odds.

On these web sites you will find : "Back"and "Lay".

        Lay : you are the bookmaker and you offer the odds ; you hope the team with these odds will lose.
For instance: Arsenal – Liverpool – If you want to bet against Liverpool (you think Arsenal will win) you suggest the odds and a stake on Liverpool. To set your offer up,  click on “lay” on the Liverpool line. Write the odds and the stake you propose for your betting. After validation your bet is visible in the back column on the Liverpool line, so an other punter can take your bet. If Liverpool wins you lose your bet and you must pay the player. If liverpool loses, you win the stake of the other player.      

        Back (or buy) : You are not the bookmaker but you bet on odds given by an other punter. It is exactly the same as with normal bookmakers. If you want to buy odds, click on betting in the “back” column betting. You can also change the odds, your bet will appear in the “lay” column and will be waiting for validation. Your bet may not be taken into account.

The betting exchange sites usually take 5% on the winnings or sometimes less according to the amount of bettings. If you lose, you don’t have anything to pay.



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