What is a cycle ?

Our « anti-losing » system will always brings you profits under the condition you complete the cycle.
For instance: if you lose a bet ; follow our guidances the following day for a new bet, calculate with our “anti-losing” system the stake you have to bet.
Unfortunately you  lose again.  The day after, you will do the same thing as the day before with the new bet we suggest you. You calculate the stake.
The forecast is OK and you win. YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE CYCLE. You get  all your three days stakes back and on top of that you make profit.
When you lose one or several bets, you must go on until you win so that the cycle is completed. For instance (matches and dates are imagined).

The 02 JAN you bet 10 € on Excelsior team.

The final score is 0 – 1, it is a losing forecast and you lose 10 €.
The following day you look at what you have to bet on Bet Nmr 1.

We are on   03 JAN, in the box "Your accumulated losses" you will put 10 (these are the 10€ that you lost yesterday) and click on the “to calculate” as usual. 
Our system immediately calculates the sum to be played today. In this case: 21,40€ on Arsenal team.  The match finishes with the score of 2-2.
Once again you lose this bet. This day, you lost 21,40€ and yesterday 10€ that is to say a total loss of 31,40€ (it is your losses amount 10 + 21,40 = 31,40€).

The following day you look at the new forecast on the Bet n° 1

We are the 04 JAN ; in the box « your accumulated losses » you will put 31.40 and click on « to calculate » as usual.
Our system indicates you must bet 19.40 € on DRAW.

The result is a draw : 1-1.  You win !
19.40 x 3.25 = 63.05€
Your total stake was : 10 + 21.40 + 19.40 = 50.80
In the end : 63.05 (winnings) less 50.80 (total stakes) = disposable income : 12.25€

The cycle is completed, the game is over and the following day you will resume a new game WITH YOUR INITIAL STAKE (here 10 €)

When you complete the cycle (you close the game), you must resume the following bet with your initial stake.


If you don’t and stop before completing the cycle, you will lose your stakes. That means you didn’t follow our advise. But I couldn’t think one instant that since you have discovered PRONOPRO, the idea of losing crossed your mind.
You must remember we are not here to bet, but to WIN.

We suggest a basis bet of 100€. However, it is not mandatory to bet this amount.
We even advise you to bet small amounts (5 – 10 – 20 or 50 € according to your possibilities and your desire.
Our system works with all kinds of bets. You will rapidly get used to our system. Once you understand  and you take things easy, you can raise your stakes at your own convenience.

As soon as you won a bet, you have to bet the next one with the starting bet (100 €)



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