Different colours in PRONOPRO bettings, why ?

To make it easy, the various bettings have been divided into colours according to their difficulties. We start with  blue for the easiest (almost “without any risk”) ending with black for the most difficult.

         Beting NMR 1 : Easy but low winnings

          Betting NMR 2 : Not to much risk, low or correct winnings

☼           Betting NMR 3 : Normal risk, good winnings

☼           Betting NMR 4 : Normal risk, good or slightly higher winnings

☼           Betting NMR 5 : Rather high risk, very good winnings

☼           Betting NMR 6 : High risk, high winnings

☼          Betting NMR 7 : Very high risk, very high winnings, for mature punters

The result of the forecast matches is posted (winner/loser) according to the result at the end of the match in the balance of the bet concerned.



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